Reasons Why You Need Winter Pest Control

Pest control is important—even in winter

It’s a common misconception that pests disappear until spring, and winter may not seem like the right time for pest control. However, many animals and insects take refuge inside homes where they continue to grow and multiply. Many also carry diseases and must be removed as soon […]

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Landlords: Prevent Bedbugs in Your Properties

Is your building safe from bedbugs

Bedbug infestations can be a common issue for rental properties. Tenants come and go; some ride public transport and own second-hand furniture. Older buildings often have cracks and clutter. Without knowing it, you and your tenants could be doing things that make your building vulnerable to bedbugs. […]

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Common Canadian Pests and Winter Nuisances

common canadian pests

In addition to the abundance of natural wildlife that exists here in Canada, there are also a great number and variety of bugs and pests. They can be a real nuisance sometimes, especially if they make their way into the house. It can be extremely difficult to […]

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Keeping Skunks Away: Seven Useful Tips

skunks do more damage

Skunks are synonymous with an unpleasant, strong scent, which they use as a defense mechanism. However, that’s not the only reason they are unwelcome around your property. Like raccoons, skunks can also forage through your trash in a search of food, dig around the yard for insects, […]

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How to Combat Home and Garden Wasps

How to Combat Home and Garden Wasps

Summer brings wasps into your home or garden; as the heat wanes and we enter fall, they go a little berzerk, making their sting more of a concern. How do we combat these little buggers? Unless you have a major problem with a nearby nest (in which […]

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