What’s the Difference between Rats and Mice?

rats isolated

When you spot a small, furry creature in your home, unless you own a pet, it is likely a mouse or a rat. However, it can be difficult to definitively determine which one you are dealing with, especially at a distance. Both rats and mice can cause […]

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Bees vs. Wasps: What’s the Difference?

Bees vs. Wasps

Honey bees and wasps are often mistaken for one another because of their similar physical traits and ability to sting. They both serve important ecological roles such as pollinators of flowers and fruit. While these insects may be close in size, they are quite different. Identifying key […]

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Cluster Flies: Not the Usual House Fly

Cluster Flies

It’s not unusual to have a fly or two enter your home. However, when you see masses of them that seem to suddenly appear, check again — chances are these are not the house flies you normally expect. They are likely cluster flies, moving in groups and […]

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Identifying and Preventing Earwigs in Your Home

Identifying and Preventing Earwigs in Your Home

Earwigs are dreaded by many people. Long ago, people thought earwigs crept into people’s ears during sleep and caused insanity. This was the origin of the name “ear wiggler.” While this theory was proven nonsensical, the fear of earwigs has persisted. In the garden, earwigs actually provide […]

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Common Springtime Household Pests

Common Springtime Household Pests

With the arrival of warmer weather comes the emergence of different pests and insects. In springtime, we can once again enjoy warmth and sunshine outdoors. However, bugs and rodents are on the move, with the ability to invade houses and give homeowners a hard time.   Here […]

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