Reasons to Call An Exterminator (versus Doing It Yourself)

Lure Cockroaches Away By Understanding Their Diet

Bug infestation can be a terrible problem that makes you uncomfortable. If not treated promptly and properly, they can multiply quickly. Before you know it, they will take over your living areas causing serious problems. Many people attempt to battle infestations with store-bought products. Few actually resolve […]

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Actions When Bees Take Over Your Home

Actions When Bees Take Over Your Home

Bees are a valuable part of our ecosystem, setting them apart from other insects you may encounter around your home. With bees’ important role in pollination, licensed pest control services are needed to remove them humanely. Bees are complex creatures with hives that can spread inside a […]

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Ants Eating the Garden? How to Stop Them!

Tiny Titans: 15 Fascinating Facts about Ants

An ant infestation in your garden can damage plants and prevent you from enjoying your outdoor refuge during the warm spring and summer months. Here are some do-it-yourself solutions to help keep your garden ant-free. Deter Ants Ants are repelled by fragrances such as cinnamon and mint. […]

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Pest Control Tips for Spring

JDM Pest Control is the Worst Enemy of the Termite!

No one likes dealing with insect infestation. When spring rolls around, it can seem like they are everywhere. This is especially true for certain climates. Here are three pest control tips for the advent of warmer weather. Keep pests away from your yard, pets, and to protect […]

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Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

Almost everyone would agree that rats are a nuisance. They seem to show up unexpectedly, possibly creating filth and spreading disease. The mere thought of a rat being inside your home or your place of business is enough to turn the stomach of the most hardened individual. […]

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