Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year

Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year

Though the winter weather may not hit as hard until January or February, insects and wildlife may already be looking for a new, warm home. To prevent these pests from invading, inspect your property right away, and call professionals to help keep out invaders:


Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year

  • Prevent pests from climbing into your home by trimming outdoor tree branches. Install a mesh-covered chimney cap to prevent small pests from entering through the rooftop.
  • Thoroughly clean vents to prevent the growth of mould (which also attracts insects). Seal points of entry with steel mesh or other sturdy materials.
  • Keep your garbage lids tightly closed and feed pets inside the house.

Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year


Make your home unfriendly to pests by depriving them the resources to survive:

Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year

  • Seal cracks found in pipes, siding, and walls to prevent rodents from entering and travelling from one area of the home to another.
  • Fix leaky faucets to deprive pests of water.
  • Store food in sealed containers and regularly clean food preparation areas. Avoid leaving food out overnight.

Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year

Extra care:

  • Keep your garage and crawl spaces dry; moisture encourages the growth of mould.
  • Check windows and doors for weather damage or years of wear and tear. Repair them immediately to prevent easy pest access to your home.
  • Rinse empty sauce jars and/or juice containers before throwing them into the recycling bin. Their smell may draw intruders.
  • Keep drains clear of food by pouring a solution of ½ cup baking soda and ½ cup vinegar. After that, pour down a cup (or more) of warm water to clear any remaining debris.

Pest-Proof Your Home for the New Year6

Rather than bother yourself with removing troublesome pests, call in a professional pest control company to help over the holidays, and into the New Year.

JDM Pest Control provides fast and friendly services to handle wildlife or insects in your home. Call us today at (416) 729-3568 and get a free assessment (with a possible $25 off)!


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