How to Keep Garden Pests out of Your Home

How to Keep Garden Pests out of Your Home

A well-kept garden adds beauty and comfort to your home and provides a tranquil place to relax. However, unwanted pests and insects may see your garden as an oasis for food and shelter. When left untreated, these pests can find their way into your home and create potentially costly damage.

To keep outside invaders away, follow these preventive tips:


 How to Keep Garden Pests out of Your Home


1. Use natural pest repellents. Chives, basil, and mint naturally repel aphids (small insects with needle-like mouths that feed on a plant’s sap). For slugs and snails, create a beer “trap” by placing a shallow dish of beer at ground level near affected plants. Eucalyptus-based repellents are an effective and non-toxic solution to rid a garden of mosquitoes. To drive away deer and rabbits, try planting garlic around plants they may want to eat. You can also place crushed eggshells around plants to act as a sharp barrier against slugs.

2. Lay flat wire. This is useful for critters like rabbits who can dig deeper than two feet below the soil’s surface. If you have a serious problem with animals digging up your bulbs and plants, consult an expert for preventative help.


 How to Keep Garden Pests out of Your Home


3. Regularly trim tree branches. Trim or prune branches that are dead or overgrown. Dead branches invite pests to settle into bark, while overgrown branches act as bridges to the chimney and windows.

4. Seal any entrance points. Caulk helps seal cracks around windows and doors, while screens and chimney caps ward off unwanted visitors.


 How to Keep Garden Pests out of Your Home


These preventive tips help to keep insects and critters from ruining your garden and, potentially, your home. In Toronto and the GTA, JDM Pest Control can keep unwanted critters outside your fences, where they belong. Call us at (416) 729-3568 for a free assessment (and get $25 off your bill for visiting our website).


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