The Ant Problem and Ant Removal

Ants maybe small but the headaches they bring to your family could be a 100 times greater. They are much needed by nature, but definitely not in our houses. In Vaughan alone, ants dwell on lawns, crevices and even in tiny cracks on the floor. They seem unnoticeable at first, until you come across a colony and they start biting you, or you drop a candy bar and they start swarming it. You might have tried various measures for ant removal, but they’re still there. Ant removal is tough and needs expert advice and services from professionals, such as JDM Pest Control. With more than 20 years of pest control service, you get expert advice and professional service.

Ant Control

Getting to know Ants

Let’s have a little bit of ant knowledge. They start out as eggs, hatch into larva, grow into pupa before finally becoming adults, which can either become a soldier, a worker or the new queen.

Ants only range from about 2 to 25 mm and can climb on walls and ceilings but it’s very difficult to block their entry points. They live by feeding on leftovers, which they carry in small pieces all the way down to their nests, becoming your permanent uninvited boarders when they find a food source inside your houses. Ants have different preferences in the food they forage so expert advice is needed for ant removal. It is crucial to be able determine the best technique in ant control Vaughan residents can use.

The most common household ants include carpenter ants that can do significant damage. Pharaoh ants are commonly found in hospitals and schools and are typically reddish or pale yellow in color. The cornfield ants are those that usually put their nesting sites in lawns, stumps, rotting logs or directly in the soil. Then there are thief ants which are one of the smallest household ants that typically live in rotting logs. Finally, there are the pavement ants which can vary from black to reddish brown found under slabs of concrete such as stones or pavement cracks.

So what can you do to control ants

To avoid ant infestation in your homes, always do regular clean-ups by checking crevices, cracks and hollows in the wood. Remove traces of food in the kitchen and keep surroundings dry. If you can locate the nest, use an ant spray.

Professional service for Ant Control Vaughan Area

But the best option is to leave the work to the experts. JDM Pest Control offers professional pest control services at affordable prices. We use only eco-friendly products. You are sure to get the best service in the GTA and Vaughan for ant control. Our team will do the work for you and help you live a clean and pest-free home.


Vaughan Ant Control

At JDM Pest Control, quality and customer satisfaction are always our main goals when you call us for pest control services. Getting rid of ants can be a tricky business, but our technicians have the expertise to get the work done to your satisfaction. Our team has the right training and tools to take care of your ant problem at the source, from identifying the right species present in your home to planting ant bait in the right places.

For extra support, our team also goes the extra mile by helping prevent infestations. Whether you’re taking steps to keep your home ant-free after an ant extermination, or trying to avoid them setting up a nearby nest, our team are happy to share their expertise and fortify your home against any invaders. When it comes to dealing with your pest problems at home, you can trust JDM Pest Control to offer effective, reliable service.

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