Mouse ControlGet Your Sweet Home Back By Getting Rid Of Mice

After a hard day’s work, all we really want to do is to either snuggle in the sofa watching a good movie or in the bed. Don’t you love to do these especially when you know your home is pest-free?

As much as we want to get rid of pests, sometimes they somehow consider our houses their sweet abode too. The good news is that we don’t have to share our beloved properties with them. With JDM Pest Control we can have mouse and mice control Aurora areasthe quick and easy way. And we can guarantee it!

Mouse ControlWhen mice and mouse strike

Mice and mouse strike daily, and when they do, the property owners suffer the consequences. These pests love to reside in dirty, hidden places and do a lot of harm to our properties. If you’re having doubts, try checking your attics or basements when you come home. Mice infestation can leave considerable damage to your upholstery, clothes and all spots where they can get their teeth and body on. Outside your houses, they do damage to other properties as well, such as crops since mice feed on corn, oats and grains. You can take measures to control them, but exterminating them is a tough task, so your best option is to call in experts who do mouse and mice control Aurora and other areas.

How to know if your house is infested

It is fairly easy to know if you are being infested with mice. Aside from the external signs found in your properties, you will notice other signs as well.

We all hate it, but seeing mice or a mouse skittering towards a corner should already alert you. Sighting is one of the obvious signs of an infestation. You might want to play mice exterminator during these times, but it’s best to call the experts. JDM Pest Control will give you top notch service for all your mice problems.

Another sign would be the sight of chewed furniture, mattresses and upholstery and shredded books. evident. Another evidence are the droppings. When mice infest, they leave droppings which are easy to spot and identify. Lastly, the scratching noise and odor. During quiet periods of the day (or night), the noise made by these critters can be heard. They have a unique, musty scent about them too.

Once you detect an infestation, you should get to the nasty task of locating their entry points, nests and feeding grounds. You can locate them by tracing the sounds made or the smell they emit. Make this task easier by getting a helping hand, and that’s what mice exterminator JDM Pest Control is here for.

What we do?

We offer expert service at the best price for pest control in the market. We specialize in mouse and mice control Aurora area. JDM Pest Control also offers services in the Greater Toronto Area and many more. Call us now at 1-416-729-3568 to start the extermination process of the nasty pests that live in your properties. Take back your home, sweet home!

Mouse Control

Mouse Control in Aurora

At JDM Pest Control, we focus on providing reliable pest control, from removing wasps to mice. Our approach combines highly-trained specialists and eco-friendly methods to address your mice problem safely and effectively. 

When it comes to dealing with mice, it helps to know how they work. Mice are great at hiding, which can make trying to catch mice in the house difficult if you don’t know what you’re doing. Our technicians are trained to know how mice think and where to target them for maximum effectiveness. Give us a call now to get to the heart of the problem and control the mouse population before it gets out of hand. Our friendly staff are also happy to provide some expert tips on quality pest control for mice to prevent future infestations. At JDM Pest Control, we also think of how to keep the mice out of the house once they’re gone. 

Give JDM Pest Control a call at 416-729-3568 for a pest inspection and free estimate now. The sooner we can take a look at your problem, the sooner we can get around to helping you!