Keeping Flies out of the House

Keeping Flies out of the House

Flies can be an annoyance, but there are some simple tricks that can help keep them away from your home, including:


Keeping Flies out of the House


1. Orange peels – Flies hate the scent of citrus fruit (like oranges and lemons). Leave orange peels around window sills and doors to keep flies away. Another related trick (especially for the outdoors) is to place cloves into oranges or lemons. This can come in handy if you’re having a picnic or barbecue.

2. Fragrant herbs – If you have a garden, plant some strong-smelling herbs that repel flies (e.g. lavender, basil, and mint). If you don’t have a large area for planting, purchase small plants and leave them in pots near windows.

3. Pennies in water – Another simple trick you can try is to take some glasses of water and place four or five pennies in each. Placing the glasses around open food may keep flies at bay.

4. Plastic water bags – Filling plastic bags with water and hanging them from doors and windows can deter flies, as the water refracts sunlight in different directions. Flies are sensitive to light, so this method confuses them. (However, it may draw some odd looks from neighbours who spot the bags.)

5. Camphor candles – Burning camphor or evergreen candles repels flies with smoke and the scent. In addition to the pleasant fragrance, tea lights, jars, and pillars can help keep flies away both indoors and out.


Keeping Flies out of the House

Here are some more fly deterrents:

  • Cover food – Flies are attracted to open and unattended food, so if you must leave food out, cover it.
  • Wash dishes immediately – Dirty dishes can attract flies with food residue. Clean dishes immediately to remove any scraps that could entice flies.
  • Keep fruit in fridge – Flies prefer sweet foods like fruit; keep yours in the fridge so they can’t pick up the smell. Eat your fruit on or before the sell-by date, and dispose of the residue in your compost or “green bin.” Keep the lid on tight so the compost doesn’t attract flies.
  • Keep a lid on trash – A lid on your trash bin can keep the smell under cover and keep flies from making themselves at home in your garbage. Occasionally rinse your bin to remove food residue (and any fly eggs), and keep it out of direct sunlight to reduce smell.


Keeping Flies out of the House


If your fly problems are severe, you need professional pest control to get rid of them effectively. Contact JDM Pest Control at (416) 729-3568 to remove flies and any other pests plaguing you.


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