Bee and Wasp Removal: All You Need to Know

If you’ve experienced the unpleasantness of a sting (especially in your own home), it might be advisable to look into home bee and wasp removal in Richmond Hill.


This is the kind of service that requires professionals. Homeowners trying to perform bee and wasp removal in Richmond Hill might experience unexpected challenges and suffer injury to themselves, their family, friends, and/or pets.

The Importance of Bees

While wasps are often generally regarded as a nuisance, science shows that bees have a very important part in the Earth’s ecosystem. Bees pollinate plants and flowers, making gardens grow and creating a healthy environment for us all. JDM Pest Control is proud that we do not kill bees and wasps but relocate them far from your home.

Our Services

  • Conversation with a live technician
  • Free estimate
  • Fully insured & licensed professionals
  • Immediate response time
  • Total pest control
  • Eco-friendly chemicals
  • Nest removal

If you’ve discovered a wasp nest or bee swarm near or in your home and need immediate removal, call the friendly professionals at JDM Pest Control for bee and wasp removal in Richmond Hill, Ontario: (416) 729-3568. One of our friendly team of professionals is standing by to take your call. We’re ready to answer all your questions and provide speedy, humane service that is good for both your home and the Earth’s environment.