Ant Invasion? Here’s What You Can Do

Ant ControlAnts are nasty pests, right? In the area of Aurora, ants remain in houses, uninvited and unwelcome. You see them under your table, climbing up the wall and between the cracks on the floor. It’s quite hard to deal with ants. Act quickly when you see ant invasion signs. Before you get ant control Aurora services, or turn yourself into an ant exterminator, here are some measures to keep the little critters at bay.

Ants forage for food, so your kitchen is the most likely place they will be. Uncovered leftovers and a candy bar left on the floor are the favorite targets, so clean up your mess whenever you’re done eating. Seal entry points. Their size makes it almost inevitable for us to block all passages. However, do your best to locate these small cracks in your wall. You can use caulk to seal holes where ants can enter. For wider spaces, draw a line using Vaseline or chalk. Ants do not like to touch these products. Aside from being accessible, these products are also safe.

You can always find and seal the openings. When you see the ant line, just simply follow this line to locate their nesting ground. Once found, seal the entrance they are using through the use of latex caulk or something similar. You can also use a vacuum cleaner. Vacuums serve as an ant exterminator tool. Vacuum the ants you see and spray a mixture of 3 parts dishwashing soap and 1 part water to the remaining ants. Lemon scented ones are preferred, as ants hate the scent of anything citrusy. You can also use vinegar as a natural insect repellent. Simply mix equal parts of vinegar and water; and spray in areas where the ants once swarmed. The vinegar will remove any smell of the trail left by ants so the others can’t locate it any more.

When all else fails

Consider hiring for professional service.   While you can always use natural remedies for ant control, some only provide a temporary solution. When signs of ant invasion appear in your area, it is recommended that you consider getting the best Aurora ant control, to give you expert advice on how to handle it. JDM Pest Control specializes in providing expert advice for ant control in Aurora and the Greater Toronto Area. We have been in the pest control business for more than 20 years. That’s enough for our clients to be happy and satisfied customers with our service. Our ant exterminators are the best in the field and will sure to give you an excellent result!

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