If you are concerned about bees or wasps in your garden or home area, JDM Pest Control provides bee and wasp removal for Newmarket businesses and homes.

It’s not advisable to try bee and wasp removal in Newmarket on your own. A wasp nest provides particular challenges and removal is not something that the average homeowner should attempt on their own. Pets, other family members, and neighbours can be harmed in the process.

Bee Swarming


Honeybee swarms are not a threat, but bees can sting when provoked. Changing seasons sometimes inspire bees to nest. A suitable environment can inspire bees to quickly build a nest. Depending upon the size of the population, this situation could result in a swarm.

Bees provide a valuable service to the earth and our environment. They pollinate plants and flowers and science has shown they’re important to human life. JDM Pest Control does not harm bees we remove from a property; we relocate them far from your property.

“Africanized Bees”


Africanized bees (a hybrid of the western honey bee species) can be aggressive in a swarm. Professionals should immediately remove this bee. A swarm of bees can present a potentially dangerous environment for your children or pets.

Get Help

If bees or wasps are a concern in your home, or surrounding your business, JDM Pest Control provides immediate bee and wasp removal in Newmarket, Ontario. Call us at (416) 729-3568. We provide immediate, humane service that doesn’t introduce dangerous chemicals to your home or work environments.