JDM truck pest control

We pride ourself in giving you what you want and because of that we make sure we always have the best prices in the industry.

So how much does pest control cost? Well, it’s simple after you call us for your free assessment we will arrange a time with you to have our friendly pest control expert come to your house to assess your pest problem. At that point our pest control expert will look at the cause of the pest problem and come up with a solution on how to ensure the pest will not come back. This will involve different methods based on where the pest is coming from as well as what type of pests are invading your home. The price can vary drastically based on the difficulty and severity of your pest control problem. One thing to note is the longer you wait – the more chance your pest control problem can expand and end up costing you more money to fix it. Better to fix it early than fix it late! Plus don’t you want your home back from these pesky critters?

Call now at 416-729-3568 and book a free assessment and we can have your pest control problem fixed usually the same day as your assessment! and get $25 OFF!