Because of the great value of bees have within our ecosystem, JDM Pest Control takes efforts to preserve these creatures with bee and wasp removal for Aurora homes and businesses. A number of pest control “services” will simply exterminate bees. With certain pests, this is a viable solution. However, when it comes to bees, spraying pesticide doesn’t always solve the problem, and can be bad for the environment.

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It is difficult for the average home or business owner to conduct their own bee and wasp removal in Aurora. A hive has a complex structure, making it difficult to exterminate pests without professional help. While a hive can begin in one area of a wall inside or outside a home or business structure, it can spread to other areas.

So, if you see bees entering and exiting a building through one location, that’s not necessarily the location of the hive. Treating the hive from the outside is not likely going to be the solution. And, if you kill the bees, the hive can still be repopulated.

If honey and the comb are left in a wall space, the material will rot and attract other pests such as mice, ants, and other vermin attracted to sweet odours, causing new issues.

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If bees or wasps are a concern in your home, or surrounding your business, JDM Pest Control provides immediate bee and wasp removal in Aurora, Ontario. Call us at (416) 729-3568. We provide immediate, humane service that doesn’t introduce dangerous chemicals to your home or work environments.