Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away

Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away

Insects that have been inactive during the winter are moving again now that spring is here. They will be looking for new sources of food; if they find it in your home, they find a way inside. If one pest can easily enter your house, so can others. They can then breed and create an infestation problem. Keep bugs out with some spring cleaning!


Follow these spring cleaning tips to keep insects away from your home:


Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away


  • Disinfect areas where you place food

Spills from food and drink on kitchen counters, tables, around pet food bowls, and dining areas may attract various bugs. Wash these locations well to remove traces of food. If cockroaches or ants have been spotted in your house, sanitizing those areas to eliminate any germs they left behind.


Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away


  • Give your kitchen a thorough clean

If certain areas of the kitchen are neglected (like the crumbs that tend to accumulate at the back of the counter, behind appliances) bugs will notice. Look over the entire room, checking floors, corners, crevices, inside cupboards, under appliances, and between cracks. Wipe any spills and sweep crumbs. Remember to store food items inside sealed containers.


Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away


  • Seal your windows

An open window or door may invite flying insects like bees and wasps. Install screens if you don’t have them. If you do, make sure they’re fastened tightly. Inspect windows or doors for cracks, gaps, or holes and seal them. Many professional pest control companies can help and make recommendations if they visit for an inspection.


Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away


  • Tend to your garden

Weeds, leaves, and branches lying around a garden are ideal habitats for some insects. Clear your yard of debris and remove stagnant water that accumulates in bird baths, saucers, and pots. These areas can attract mosquitoes (they like to lay eggs in standing water).


Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Insects Away


  • Get rid of clutter

Declutter your attic, garage, and other rooms where you store excess items and holiday decorations. Piles of paper and cardboard boxes can conceal spiders, rodents, and termites. Pests not only hide among your things, they feed on them. Dispose of belongings and papers you don’t need. Use plastic storage boxes and bins instead of cardboard.

Spring cleaning the inside and outside of your home wards off bugs and other unwanted guests. If pests do appear, call pest control experts to eliminate them and prevent future infestations. Contact JDM Pest Control for professional pest management in the Toronto area at (416) 729-3568. We help you keep a healthy, pest-free environment in your home.


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