Safe and Effective Ant Control in Newmarket

Ant Control

Ants in the house can take a toll on your comfort! Ants may not transmit diseases like mice, roaches, and mosquitoes do but they can eat away at your peace of mind. It’s something that homeowners must take seriously.

While ants don’t come out in the winter, they spring back to life in the next season looking for food for their queen. If you suspect that the queen ant lives in your home or notice the presence of the so-called satellite ant nest formations, do a thorough inspection and look at cracked walls, ceilings, garages, and other possible entry points.

Now, ant infestation problems are complicated; taking matters into your own hands might put your safety at risk and may only worsen the problem. It’s best to leave the problem in the hands of a professional ant control expert in Newmarket. 

There may be a lot of companies in your area that can help you get rid of ants, but not all of them can perfectly match what you need, which is why you should call JDM Pest Control. We have more than 20 years of experience in servicing Newmarket and the GTA.

Professional Ant Control Company that Newmarket Homes Trust

When we say quality, it includes various factors. First is the quality of the team members especially the technicians who will do ant removal services. JDM Pest Control has professionally trained and licensed technicians who will immediately come to your rescue at your first call. 

Our team is not only good at advertising but in dealing with our customers too. We continue to make sure our clients are happy with our work. Most importantly, we strictly observe safety protocols when addressing ant infestation in your house.

We make sure that our customers get the best team that specializes in tackling pest problems in residential areas. Upon initial site assessment, our Newmarket ant control experts will present you with a proposal on how to go through the whole ant extermination process. 

This specialized plan will contain the result of the pest inspection, the type of ant identified, and the treatment plan. We will give you a price estimation and a service contract as well.

Looking for Sustainable Ant Control Services in Newmarket? Call Us!

JDM Pest Control guarantees that we only use Eco-Friendly Pest Control and Prevention equipment in getting rid of ants. We assure our clients that our objective has always been to make our customers happy and satisfied with our work and help them live a pest-free life for years ahead. We treat our clients like family as well!

Besides ant control, JDM Pest Control also offers mice and bees/wasps removal services in Newmarket, Greater Toronto Area, and neighbouring places.

Call JDM Pest Control now and get $25 off your total bill after getting our free assessment. Make that call now at 416-729-3568. Let us help you with your ant problem today!