Silverfish Have Long Lifespans: How to Purge These Pests

Silverfish Have Long Lifespans: How to Purge These Pests

1. Control the humidity Given their name, it makes sense that silverfish are (to some degree) water-loving creatures. They thrive in humid, wet conditions. To keep moisture under control, ensure that any plumbing issues are fixed. Make sure condensation isn’t forming on places like windowsills. Use a […]

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Ant ABCs and Purging These Pests

Tips For Winter Ant Removal

Ants invading your personal space is a problem. It is difficult to rid of annoying pests that seem to come in droves. If you’ve tried every over-the-counter method without success… It might take the skills of a pest control service to eradicate your insect issue. Ants are […]

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Facts to Know About Flea Bite Allergies

Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

To be sure, pests in the home can be an annoyance. They can also make our homes unsanitary and spread disease. There are some pests however, that once they infest our homes they significantly and negatively impact our lives ways we may not have thought possible. One […]

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Tiny Titans: 15 Fascinating Facts about Ants

Tiny Titans: 15 Fascinating Facts about Ants

Did you know that ants rival human beings in many ways? They’re smart, well-organized, and have been around forever. 1) Every ant has a specific job. In a colony, there are worker ants, scout ants, soldier ants, drone ants, princess ants, sometimes slave ants, and, of course, […]

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The Silverfish Scourge: How to Rid Yourself of Infestation

The Silverfish Scourge

You may be suffering from a silverfish infestation and not even realize it. If allowed to thrive, silverfish can make a home a very uncomfortable place to live, doing damage by burrowing into the structure and potentially causing a health risk. As pests they are not the […]

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