4 Humane Ways to Trap Mice

4 Humane Ways to Trap MiceKilling mice may feel satisfying, but it can actually be counterproductive. For starters, dead mice will only open up more resources, which can encourage the remaining mice to breed due to the spike in food supply. So, instead of fixing the problem, you end up creating a vicious cycle of killing mice over and over again, without actually removing them from your home.

1. Get a Cat

Mice are scared of cats, so much so, that simply smelling a cat can make a mouse flee a location unless there is a lot of available food and hiding spots for it. If there are only a few mice, having a friend bring a cat over everyday for a week or so to play and stalk in each room can solve the problem as mice flee for safer pastures.

2. Use Humane Traps

4 Humane Ways to Trap MiceHumane traps are traps that cause no serious harm to the mouse; these include boxes, which the mouse can enter but can’t get out of. A good example of a homemade humane trap, is a tall, empty waste bin with a smooth interior, which the mouse can’t climb out of, but can climb into easily, that has a bit of food at the bottom. Just make sure your trap is tall enough to prevent the mouse from jumping out of it.

Again, don’t kill your captive mouse. Walk or drive at least 1.5 kilometers from your home and release the critter into a wooded area.

3. Use a Towel

You can also throw a towel over a mouse, which will disorient the animal and force it to stop moving for a few seconds. You can then take an inverted wastebasket and place it over the mouse, tucking in the exposed parts of the towel under the basket.

Once the mouse is trapped, take a piece of cardboard and slide it under the basket, taking care not to leave any gaps for the mouse to escape through. Turn the basket upside down, and release the animal at least 100 meters away from your house, preferably in a small wooded area so it doesn’t enter your neighbors home and has access to food and cover.

4. Use Sticky Traps

Sticky traps are perhaps the most effective way to catch mice, but they can be messy. To remove the mouse safely from the trap, you need to use a paintbrush and cooking oil to keep the animal still and remove the adhesive from its fur. You can then release the mouse into the wild, well away from any houses.