Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

To be sure, pests in the home can be an annoyance. They can also make our homes unsanitary and spread disease. There are some pests however, that once they infest our homes they significantly and negatively impact our lives ways we may not have thought possible. One of those insidious creatures is the common flea.

More Than Just an Annoyance to Pets

We all know that fleas can irritate our pets and are a potential health concern for our furry friends. They can also be a major health concern for humans in the form of flea bite allergies. That’s right, the same flea bite allergies that can develop in our dogs and cats can occur in humans — and they can flourish in as little as a single exposure.

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Flea Bite Allergies Are Serious Business

For most people, a flea bite may leave a tiny mark that itches for a few hours and then goes away, much like a mosquito bite. For others who develop a flea bite allergy, a single bite can be excruciating. The cause of the reaction is the saliva of the flea which contains a chemical that helps the flea eat. In many pets and some humans, this chemical causes a large red bump that itches and burns. These bumps may be present in clusters of three to five spots and can last from a few hours to a couple of days. Anti-itch medicine or bite ointment may help alleviate the discomfort but over time the reactions may become more severe. This is why it’s important to handle a flea infestation problem effectively as soon as possible.

Attacking the Problem at its Source

Facts to Know About Flea Bite Allergies

Fleas, of course, live on your pets but they also can live for days (and even weeks) at a time in your carpet and other upholstery. Anything that is near the floor and provides them shelter is a possible location for a colony. This includes carpets, drapes, furniture and more. Add to this the fact that fleas can jump over a meter (and your pets inadvertently provide them with transportation to all areas of the home) the infestation can get serious very fast.

Fleas can colonize anywhere. They are diggers, so using common over-the-counter sprays might not be enough. It important to bring in a professional service who not only can treat the problem but effectively rid your home of all traces, including eggs that may not yet have hatched.

A Professional Approach is Needed

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Choosing to use a professional pest control company with the expertise to handle a serious flea infestation will prevent flea bite allergy problems. JDM Pest control can make your home flea free easily and quickly. Call us at 416-729-3568 and get a free assessment of what we can do for you. Mentioning our website might get you a special discount! Why live with the discomfort and annoyance of flea bites and flea bite allergies? Get professional help today and have a flea free home tomorrow.