How to deal with bedbugs causing health risks at home

For years now, bedbugs have been a topic that has been swept under the carpets, as it was considered a shameful matter. However, bedbugs have made a comeback, and people should not shy away, rather they should brainstorm about the appropriate remedies for the menace. Unlike mosquitoes and ticks that are known to spread infectious diseases such as Malaria, Lime disease, and West Nile Virus disease, bedbugs do not transmit diseases.

Effects of bedbugs on human

While bugs do not spread HIV, their effects on humans are far and reaching as you will learn below.

A) Allergy

How to deal with bedbugs causing health risks at home

Bedbug bites can cause severe reactions in some people, just the same way some foods or insect bites may cause an allergic response on peoples’ skin. Individuals who react to bedbug bite may have to seek immediate medical attention, as it may be dangerous and life threatening too.

B) Infection

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Bites may not readily or directly spread diseases. However, they are very itchy, and may make one to scratch themselves, in the process introducing germs to the wound. An excellent case study is when your hands are dirty, and then you scratch yourself on the wound. The chances are that you may introduce bacteria on the fresh wound. In the end, ointments or creams may be prescribed to you by your doctor.

C) Anemia

How to deal with bedbugs causing health risks at home

Bedbugs can contribute to anemia especially in people who already have other anemia risk factors, as they also suck up blood. Heavy infestation can be a major contributor. According to a study carried out in Canada, an old man presented with iron-deficiency anemia symptom but without any physical causes of anemia. It was upon examination of his home that it was found out that he his bed had millions of bedbugs, and thus a concrete reason for the doctors to conclude that it was indeed the bugs were responsible for this man’s disease.

How to fight a winning battle against bedbugs

Bugs are easy to identify, as the adult size is approximately the size of an apple seed. The young ones are yellowish or clear. However, it can be challenging to know their hideouts. Using the following steps can help in this pest control in Vaughan.

  1. Create a safe zone for your furniture, bedding, and bed, e.g. moving them away from the wall. Heat-treat your bedding using a home clothes dryer set to about 120 F. You can also encase your mattress and spring box. Also, don’t forget to treat your headboard and bed frames.
  2. Use chemicals such as those provided by JDM Pest Control Company to fight the infestation. The good thing about such substances is that many are environmentally friendly and will kill the bugs in an instant.


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