Actions When Bees Take Over Your Home

Bees are a valuable part of our ecosystem, setting them apart from other insects you may encounter around your home. With bees’ important role in pollination, licensed pest control services are needed to remove them humanely.

Bees are complex creatures with hives that can spread inside a home’s interior walls. Even if the bees are killed or removed, new bees can move into the hive or the remaining honeycomb can attract other unwanted pests.

When bees become a problem

How To Hire A Professional Bee Control Service

A swarm of bees might temporarily reside on your property while they are searching for a new cavity to build their nest. However, you don’t need to be concerned until they start building a honeycomb and establishing a colony. Once bees establish a hive on your property, they are more inclined to sting in order to protect it. This can be especially concerning for homeowners with children or pets.

Even if you remove the immediate problem by killing or drawing away the bees, the hive will continue to attract new colonies until it is cleaned up and any entrances to it are sealed.

What to do when bees start a colony on your property


Hives built in walls can grow quite large and complex. For those reasons, the sooner you get help the better.

Hiring the professional team from JDM Pest Control will ensure bees are humanely moved and the nests are removed so more hives or pests don’t infiltrate your home. We respond quickly, because we understand your concerns and need to handle the problem immediately. Although beehives on your property are not a welcome site, we are experts who can provide the help you need. Call us today at (416) 729-3568.