Keep children and pets safe during pest control treatments.

Parents and pet owners are often concerned about using pest control measures inside their home. Odours caused by pesticides, dangerous traps, and potential for exposure to hazardous chemicals all add to the worries they have for their family and “furry babies.” Here’s why you should only hire reputable pest control companies that protect everyone in your home or office:

Children and Pets are More Susceptible to Harm

  • Children are lower to the ground and in contact with floors and carpets that may be covered by pesticide dust. Their immune systems are still developing and are more sensitive to hazardous chemicals.
  • Infants take more breaths per minute than adults (which puts them at risk for greater exposure to harmful toxins). Young children are naturally curious and little hands can get into traps for rats and mice. Little ones may also put toys and other objects exposed to pesticide into their mouths.
  • Dogs and cats use their noses to get information about the world. As a result, they are more likely to inhale a greater amount of toxic residue. An expert pest control technician familiar with eco-friendly techniques and treatments will know which products are safe around animals and can adjust the treatment to keep your pets healthy.

Pesticides can be very toxic, and many have an unpleasant sulphur-like odour. Although most pesticide treatments are safe once the recommended drying time has passed, it’s best to keep pets and young children away from anything that can cause them harm.Pests can carry germs and disease.

Why Pest Removal Is Imperative

Despite any concerns you may have about pest control, it’s important to deal with a problem if you have one. Do not try to solve it yourself with over-the-counter, “DIY” approaches. These can be extremely harmful to anyone under your roof.

That said, household pests (if left to multiply and cause new problems) can be harmful to children and pets. Not only can bugs or mouse droppings make a terrible mess, they can produce allergens that trigger asthma or other negative health reactions. Rats and fleas can carry germs and diseases that could be harmful to your family.

To prevent rodents, eliminate their food source.

Here’s how to avoid two major pest problems:

Rats and Mice – Rodents are usually on the hunt for food and shelter. To prevent them from becoming a nuisance in your home, eliminate their food supply by securing dry goods in sealed, airtight containers. Eliminate points of entry by installing screens on doors and windows and filling in any holes or cracks in walls and floors.

Traps are sometimes a good option for dealing with pesky rodents; talk to your pest control team to determine what is safe for your family and pets. Perhaps if you have an off-limits attic or basement area where kids and animals don’t play, it might be a safe place for baited traps.

Insects – Again, look for points of entry and seal visible gaps and holes with weather stripping and caulking. Remove crumbs and food items and keep trash cans closed. Since different pests require different kinds of treatment, speak with a professional pest control service who can advise you on preventative measures and the most appropriate treatment method.

Use the right treatment for the right pests.

What You Can Do

  • Before Treatment
    • Talk to a qualified technician who will advise you on the safe treatments they can use, what to expect when using them, and how to prepare your home.
    • Make sure your pest control team follows standards for safe application and disposal of all hazardous household materials.
    • Ask if your technicians are using eco-friendly treatments marked for indoor use and approved by Health Canada. All pesticides are regulated under the Pest Control Products Act (PCPA) and must be registered in Canada.
    • Inquire about the right application rate and amount of of pesticide used.
    • Allow time for certain treatments to dry thoroughly. Most pesticides are safe for children and pets to re-enter the treated area after the required drying time.
    • Ensure rodent or insect traps are safely hidden in unreachable areas where little hands and paws cannot get to them.

Keep tiny hands and paws safe by using locked traps or protective trap enclosures.

  • During Treatment
    • Limit exposure to pesticides by keeping children and pets in a separate room away from the primary treatment area. If possible, leave the residence altogether until it’s safe to re-enter.
    • Store both human food, pet food, and treats in the refrigerator or cabinet, away from airborne particles.
    • Ask your pest control team if certain areas can be sealed off with plastic to prevent chemicals from transferring from one room to the next.Remove pet bedding and toys before treatment.
    • Remove all pet bedding, toys, food dishes, and clothing from the treatment area.
    • Remove children’s toys, dishes and anything that could come into contact with children’s mouths from the treatment area.Don’t forget your underwater friends!
    • Birds, fish, and reptiles are also at risk for chemical exposure. Cover aquariums, terrariums, or cages with a small blanket or towel; if possible, move these pets to a different room (or a friend’s house) during treatment. Ask your veterinarian their recommendations.
    • Once the treatment is complete, your technician will advise you on when it is safe to return and reintroduce pets and children to the area.

An expert technician knows how to treat your home safely.

Hire Professionals

There’s a reason why pest control should be left to the pros. An expert will:

  • Know how and where to correctly place traps and bait, and will keep spray away from areas where children and pets play.
  • Advise you on safe products to use in your home and know which ones are approved by Health Canada.
  • Understand Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency’s (PMRA) regulations for responsible pesticide application.
  • Know the best pesticide to use for a certain type of pest, and where to apply it so it is most effective.

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