Important Facts You Need To Know About the Types of Roaches

Some may argue that cockroaches serve a role in nature. They feast on organic refuse and create nutrients for the earth. Some medical practitioners have found crushed cockroaches relieve pain from wounds. Some people consider them a delicacy. However, cockroaches can harm you and your family in many ways; if your home is infested, you need to get rid of them fast.

They stink

Why Cockroaches Are Not Friendly Intruders

The smell of cockroaches may not affect your health; but it can affect you negatively. If you like to have guests or family members over for meals or tea, or if you like to entertain, you might find cockroach odour to be prohibitive to social engagements.

Pathogens/harmful diseases

Cockroaches are fastidious about personal grooming, but they have a boatload of bacteria in their digestive tracts. Cockroaches have been known to carry salmonella, the polio virus, and staphylococcus.

Why Cockroaches Are Not Friendly Intruders

Food contamination

Cockroaches will go wherever there is shelter and a potential meal. If a cockroach has invaded your home, no food left uncovered is safe; and food contamination becomes a very serious threat. The bacteria in their digestive system can be transferred through defecation and/or feeding. Cockroaches vomit digestive fluids when eating. The bacteria left behind can cause any number of illnesses ranging from nausea to bloody diarrhea.

Allergic reactions

Cockroaches leave behind souvenirs of their visit, such as saliva, fecal matter, or discarded body parts. These items contain allergens that might trigger unpleasant reactions, including skin rashes, sneezing, and asthma attacks.

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Cockroaches rarely bite humans, and only a few species do so. A cockroach bite is itchy and red. Allergens present in cockroach saliva cause bites to swell, and bacterial infection is a possibility. Infection can aggravate inflammation, fill it with pus, and result in nausea and fever.

Though cockroaches have a use in nature, they bring potential harm. Protect yourself and your home; call JDM Pest Control at (416) 729-3568 today.