Mice are like other mammals when the temperatures outside start to drop. They make their way inside homes and buildings for comfort and food. Dealing with these pesky creatures can be annoying. With some prior planning, you can prevent an invasion.

Seal Those Holes!

Mice are tiny and can compress their bodies; it’s possible for them to get through very small holes. Seal up all the cracks and holes in your foundation. (This is easier said than done. Mice can crawl into holes as small as a pencil eraser or through cracks half their body width).

4 Humane Ways to Trap Mice

Mice can enter the house through pipes, ducting, vents, or doors. Seal as many of those openings with metal mesh, and fill cracks with steel wool and secure it with tape or caulking. For very small cracks, use caulking or some other type of putty. Doors (especially garage doors) should have proper weather stripping.

Give yourself plenty of time to do this: start during the summer when there isn’t snow on the ground so you have access to all of the openings.

They Made It in Already? Traps and Poison

4 Humane Ways to Trap Mice

If you already have mice in the home, set traps and/or put out some poison. Be extremely careful where you place traps or poison. They should never be placed where pets or small children can get to them.

The best traps are good old-fashioned, wood platforms with the spring-activated snap. These traps have proven their worth for over a century, but they can be intimidating; you can snap/pinch your finger. Also, once a mouse is caught, you have to remove and dispose of the catch.

Poisons are also effective. However, most poisons don’t kill the mice right away. They move to another location and die. This can lead to an odor problem if they go someplace in the house that isn’t easily accessible.

Defend Your Home from Winter Vermin Invasions

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