Facts to Know about Lice

Parents are familiar with a child returning home from school or daycare with a case of head lice. It can spread to other family members, and your child (unless treated properly) will be kept home until the situation is resolved. If you need assistance with head lice infestation in Toronto or surrounding areas, call JDM Pest Control. Here is some valuable information about head lice:


A head lice treatment called pediculicide can be found at most drug stores. Application may be messy, so put on some old clothes on the person being treated and stay in the bathroom or a tiled area to make cleanup easier. The treatment needs to stay on the head for up to one hour and no longer.

Facts to Know about Lice

Nit Comb

Use a nit comb throughout the hair to remove all eggs:

  1. Divide hair into sections.
  2. Comb from the roots of one section of the scalp to the end of the hair.
  3. Dip the comb in a bowl of warm soapy water to help kill the lice.
  4. Comb through additional sections until you have gone through the whole head of hair.

Clean Clothes and Bedding

Facts to Know about Lice

Every single piece of fabric that potentially came into contact with lice needs to be washed in hot water and soap/detergent. This is an important step to prevent lice from ending up in someone else’s hair. Items (like hairbrushes) that may have been used on lice-infested hair should be thrown out, as well as hats that were worn.

Check Heads

Facts to Know about Lice

Check the head of any affected and nearby person every eight (8) hours for three days to make sure no lice remain. Lice hatch in cycles, so it’s unlikely you’ll get rid of them all at one time. Monitoring your hair for weeks is an important step.

After three days, check the head of the infected person every 16 hours for the next two weeks, and do occasional checks on family members or others nearby.

Getting rid of lice once can be a huge hassle; nobody wants to go through it just to do it all over again. If you or a loved one has lice call us at JDM Pest Control at (416) 729-3568. We are here to help you with this difficult situation.