facts about ants

Have you ever left a cookie on the table, and minutes later, hundreds of ants are swarming over it? Ants can easily find food with their superior olfactory senses. Frustrated homeowners may think they can solve the problem with “DIY” ideas from the Internet, but sometimes the recommendations worsen the issue.

Here are five common ant control myths:

Myth #1: Vinegar kills ants

Vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner for floors and countertops. It can repel ants but it does not kill them. It does remove odours and can confuse the insects, but they won’t be gone for long. Ants are resourceful. If you have food that isn’t properly sealed, they’ll likely find it.

Myth #2: Boiling water destroys an ant colony

Boiling water can kill ants, but it only terminates the ones it touches. Colonies go deep into the ground; boiling water will not reach the entire ant population in one hill.

Myth #3: Oatmeal and grits make ants explode

Some people believe that when an ant eats these foods, their narrow digestive tracts are unable to handle it, and they die. There is no proof of this “exploding stomach” theory. Ants take tiny bits of food and store it in a special pouch in the mouth called an “infrabuccal pocket.” It serves as a food strainer that prevents large particles from moving into the insect’s digestive system.

Myth #4: Drawing a line with chalk can block entryways

Drawing a chalk line won’t do much more than disrupt an ant’s scent trail for a short period of time. They can easily find other ways to enter your home.

Myth #5: Using pesticides is the best way to kill ants

Many store-bought pesticides are potentially harmful to humans, the environment and pets. Chemicals from irresponsibly applied “bug sprays” and “bombs” may end up in a nearby water sources. Call a licensed, professional pest removal company to handle your ant problem and keep your home safe.

The best way to prevent ants is to keep pantry food in sealed plastic or glass containers and wipe up spills and crumbs daily. If you still end up with an insect problem in your home or business, contact pest control experts for help.

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