How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Anywhere there is carpet, there is the potential for a damaging carpet beetle infestation. Getting rid of the beetles quickly is the only option and for that you will need professional pest control services.

Carpet beetles are nasty little bugs that infest carpeting rapidly and move along to all other soft fabric surfaces, such as upholstered furniture, draperies, and clothing, causing damage to them as well. The faster the bugs are exterminated, the less damage they will be able to cause.


How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles

Adult carpet beetles have oval-shaped bodies and pin-sized heads. Colours are not consistent, but they are primarily black, brown, and/or grey and sometimes have yellow or white markings on their backs. The larvae typically have brown bands running across the body, with long, hair-like extensions on one or both ends.

You can also identify a carpet beetle by touching it; they stop and roll over when touched. These bugs also move slowly, leave a trail of fecal pellets, and shed skins across surfaces.


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These damaging pests favour dark locations where they can feed undisturbed. A carpeted clothes closet is one of their favorite locations because it provides a variety of fabrics on which they can feed (while reproducing virtually undetected).

While fabric is a carpet beetle’s choice locale, they can also be found around dry dog food, in the food pantry, or kitchen cabinets (where dry food is located) or in garages and workshops where paint brushes and cleaning rags are stored. Baseboards and air ducts are also locations where carpet beetles like to hang out between feedings.


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If left untreated, carpet beetles can quickly multiply and destroy all the fabric items in your home, office or vehicle. Plus, the bugs will leave behind sickness-causing fecal pellets and shed skin. The only way to successfully treat an infestation is to discard all clothing and other small fabric items that have been affected and call in a professional exterminating company to treat carpeting and all other fabric surfaces.

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