The Silverfish Scourge: How to Rid Yourself of Infestation

Many of us struggle to keep our homes clean. We go through extreme efforts to ensure pests and rodents are kept outside our residence. Despite our efforts, these annoying pests often find their way back, even after we’ve applied some do-it-yourself remedy. Why? There are causes of pest infestation that sometimes only professionals recognize. Look at the ways your home might be attracting pests:

1. Unwashed dishes

Get Those Annoying Pests out of My Home!

Pests are attracted to places with food. Unwashed dishes in your kitchen (or other areas) attract pests. Clean food residue from plates as soon as possible to avoid tempting unwanted insects and rodents. If you can wash dishes after every meal, please do so!

2. Leaving crumbs on the floor

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Your home is likely to attract pests if there is food or crumbs lying on the floor or counters. Any type of edible items left unsealed attract pests. Keep floors and tables clean and put dried goods in containers that can’t be invaded by insects or rodents.

3. Trash

Get Those Annoying Pests out of My Home!

Your house is less likely to attract insects if trash is removed regularly. Remove trash as often as possible. If you have a “green bin” for city collection or compost, don’t let it get too full. Insects and rodents typically invade homes with available food.

4. Unsealed window cracks

Get Those Annoying Pests out of My Home!

We often overlook minor cracks in our windows. However, window cracks are an entryway for pests. Check for and seal cracks on a regular basis. If you don’t know where to look, consult a professional pest removal company to provide a home inspection.

6. Water leakage

Get Those Annoying Pests out of My Home!

Leaking water in the home attracts insects and rodents as well. Check your faucets and have a plumber handle any leaks right away. You’ll save money by preventing bigger plumbing problems later.

Keeping your home clean can help reduce the likelihood of pest infestation. However, even spotless residences can have problems. Contact JDM Pest Control for professional insect and rodent control: (416) 729-3568.