Hassle-free Natural Remedies for Controlling Ants

Hassle-free Natural Remedies for Controlling AntsThe wisdom accumulated over the ages tells us that the best way to prevent ants from invading our homes is to keep things clean, and dispose of food properly. However, there are times when this may not work.

Spring, that time of the year we love? It’s also prime ant season, when the insects make their exodus into our homes. Sure, a few sightings of ants here and there are probably isolated cases, but when swarms of ants make their way from your yard into your home, you have a problem in your hands.

Fortunately, there are many simple and natural tricks to control ants in your home. But when all else fails, remember to call the professionals at JDM Pest Control.

Cinnamon and Garlic

You can use cinnamon and garlic, placing them in the areas where you’ve seen ants, like doors, corners, and window tracks. Garlic is an especially potent natural remedy, although you may have to deal with their stronger and less pleasant odor compared to cinnamon.

Simply peel and slice a few cloves, placing them in areas ants are likely to frequent.

Hassle-free Natural Remedies for Controlling AntsUse Vinegar

Vinegar is an organic pesticide that works in shooing away ants. Take an empty spray container and fill it with apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, spraying it on areas where you spotted ants. Vinegar contains fungicidal and insecticidal qualities that ants can’t tolerate.

Black Pepper Powder

The next time you see a line of ants, try sprinkling them with a few pinches of black pepper and watch them scatter. See where they run off too and prevent them from coming back by sprinkling the entryway with pepper.

Hot Water

If your yard or pathways are infested with ants, turn to good old boiling water, pouring it over the anthills. It sounds cruel, but it’s no different from using pesticides.