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During the late summer, the preferred food of wasps shifts from sugars to proteins. As a result, their behaviour changes. Once this occurs, wasps will swarm garbage collection areas, outdoor picnic spaces, and patios. The lake and your garden may also have a higher concentration of wasp activity.

Wasps tend to be highly aggressive and will sting, if threatened. Here are some pointers on how to best deal with wasps:

  1. Prevention – Inspect your home and yard early in the season before wasps become prevalent. Look for nests in corner of sheds, trees, or windows, and be aware of any wasp activity. It’s easier to stop a single queen wasp from nesting near your home than it is to manage an entire nest later.
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  2. Physical control – When spending time in your garden or at the lake, make sure to leave leftover food covered. Wasps will be on the hunt for high protein food for their larvae, and any uncovered food is fair game. Wasps are also attracted to strong scents and sweet food, so try not to wear strongly scented body products or perfumes. Garbage must be placed in tightly closed containers until it can be thrown out. When spending time at the lake, avoid walking barefoot, especially in the late summer when wasps are more active.
  3. Traps – Some department stores and garden specialists sell commercial wasp traps. To increase their effectiveness, bait the traps with protein foods, like dog food, so that the wasps are trapped. Baited traps should not be positioned around play areas and other areas of high human activity. These types of traps can be useful for short term solutions, including during outdoor events. This draws wasps away from food-serving areas.3black and yellow wasp
  4. Nest removal – If the nest’s location does not present a health hazard, it’s better to leave it until November or December. You may then remove the nest and dispose it with little risk once it has been abandoned. If the nest must be removed when wasps are active, contact a professional exterminator. Without professional assistance, nest removal can be difficult and hazardous.

In Canada alone, thousands of people are stung by wasps per year. In some cases, severe allergic reactions may occur. Taking precaution when wasps are active can prevent stings and potential reactions.

If you have discovered a wasp nest near your home, the professionals at JDM Pest Control can help. We offer immediate wasp removal in Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan, Ontario. Call us at (416) 729-3568. We eliminate pests without the use of dangerous chemicals or pesticides.