How to Stop Termites before they eat your Home while you sleep

Termites–the silent bug. In cold countries such as Canada you don’t think of them much. So many people are under the impression that the termite is a warm weather tropical bug–but that is the farthest thing from the truth. Subterranean termites do one thing very well all year long and that’s eat–your house. Unfortunately, the warning signs that people do notice about the effects of termites are the ones that are so extreme that it’s already too late.

The early warning signs of termites

It’s a good idea to call termite services just as you see the more subtle signs. One of those signs is little neat piles of sawdust that look like ant hills by doors and in corners. This is evidence that termites are eating your home and well, to put it lightly, expelling the wood after the nutrients are taken in. If you see this–you need to call a professional.

Everything You Need To Know About Canadian Termites

During the warmer times of year termites choose to mate and swarm. You may never see evidence of a termite until you see swarms of them flying around the bed sheets. You may also see the wings as they drop in hundreds. This is the way they multiply and then find their way under the house so they can continue the feast with new members of the family.

Tips on not making the problem worse

There is one thing you can do to prevent them coming in, and this is by you bringing them in. This only helps the issue to a certain extent. People who love a garage sale will bring home furniture with termites ready to hatch any minute in the wood. There isn’t really a way to tell. But, it’s like inviting an evil spirit into the house. Once you have them in–it takes a lot to get them out– only via termite services.

How to be rid of termites once and for all

There are no folkloric methods for ridding the home of termites. The only way is to call termite services. So, what types of methods do they use to be rid of termites? The only way to do it is to tent the house and use gas. Or, if the home qualifies, the pest control company makes very small holes in the wood and pump poison in through there. The company will come and make an assessment of the home and the damage done as well as potential issues.

Allowing the issue to go unchecked is serious. The roof and ceiling can be compromised to the point of caving in. Call us here for an assessment and leave the issue to the pros.