Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

Fleas are nasty, irritating bugs. Getting rid of these insects are difficult and their bites are itchy and painful. If you have pets in your home you know what it’s like and most importantly, they reproduce faster than you can wink. In some cases, professional pest control may be required to get rid of them.

What do fleas look like?

Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

Fleas are small bugs and in most cases they are light brown in color. They jump from one area to another and are nearly impossible to get rid of unless they are dealt with a pesticide. Flea bites are a lot like mosquito bites. If you are bitten by fleas, you will see small red bumps and you will find them around your ankles and legs. You may also see them around your waist, breasts, or around your elbows and knees.

• Flea bites itch and in some cases can feel sore.
• You may also develop a rash near the bite and too much itching may lead to an infection.
• Your pets could become flea infested and the fleas could spill over and take residence in your carpets or bedding.

Flea bites will go away but…

Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

Some may not know it, but flea bites disappear after a while. However, to get rid of flea bites, you have to put an end to the fleas.

• To kill the fleas, home remedies may work or you may want to contact an exterminator.
• To administer these treatments, professional pest control experts should do the job.

How to find relief from the symptoms

To find relief from the symptoms of flea bites, you can purchase anti-itch creams or ask your doctor about other treatment measures. It is important to not scratch the affected area. If an infection develops from a flea bite, your best option is to talk with your doctor. Humans rarely contract a disease from fleas; however, it is different with a pet. Because animals scratch and don’t understand that an infection can develop from the itching, they should be given treatment to get rid of the fleas and to prevent the fleas from returning.

How to know if you have fleas in your home

Must have Information about Fleas, your health and how to get rid of them!

Of course, if you have a dog or cat in your home, you probably have fleas. If the flea population grows, they will branch out and begin taking up residence in your carpets, beds or your yard. Vacuuming your carpet will help because it will remove the eggs that drop from the fleas on the pet. Outside environments may need to be treated, especially where animals stay at night. Keeping your lawn cut short can also help. Once treatments have been applied, it is important to continue to vacuum for several days.

If you have an exterminator perform this job, they will conduct a thorough inspection of your home. Once an assessment has been made, they will develop a treatment plan. They will also give you instructions on how to prepare for the treatment.

To conclude, fleas are tiresome little creatures; however, with proper treatment, their little habitats can be eliminated. Call JDM Pest Control at ……. Let us help you with your pest control needs.