Tips on Eliminating Cockroaches

You have a cockroach problem and it’s probably the bane of your existence at the moment. There’s not a lot of pleasant ways to address the problem, but among the best options available is becoming a culinary expert on what it is specifically that makes a cockroach’s tastebuds get wet. By starving your home environment of the foods they like most, you’ll be one step closer to a cockroach-free dwelling.

Some of cockroaches’ favorite delicacies:

Lure Cockroaches Away By Understanding Their Diet

  • Sweets: If you want to get rid of cockroaches, remove their favorite food supply which is anything containing artificial or added sugar. Spill a little orange juice on the counter and watch the cockroaches come crawling.
  • Meats: Just like humans, cockroaches like their sources of protein. There’s nothing like some hearty chicken, ground beef or fish meat for a midnight cockroach treat. Keeping your kitchen and home clear of meat flakes, crumbs or pieces will be a strong step towards total cockroach pest control in your home.
  • Organic matter: Sad but true, cockroaches are willing to feed on hair, dead skin and rotting wood. Thinking in advance about this fact will perhaps encourage those facing cockroach issues to be more on top of sweeping, dusting and mopping.

Other important considerations:

  • They’re not that picky: Cockroaches are about as picky as they are pretty — not at all! The bugs will literally eat almost anything, so it’s really important to at least starve them of their favorite foods, as a start.
  • They need water worse than food: A cockroach can live for up to three weeks with water and no food, but will only survive about 2-3 days on dry food alone with no water. Moisture is the best friend of a cockroach and even that relationship is probably shaky at best.

Cockroach pest control is about far more than just knowing which professional pest control company to call. It’s a matter of understanding a little bit about the cockroach species itself and doing whatever may be in your power to make your home a less-inviting environment for cockroaches.

Lure Cockroaches Away By Understanding Their Diet

Any effort to exclude the cockroaches can also help you remove other pests that are not welcome in the house. Cluing the family or any roommates into any insights you now have about pests and their dining habits can be very useful in your efforts to maintain a fully pest-free environment in the future.

Another point to consider on the topic of cockroach prevention is that of professional pest management. Remember that an understanding of one type of pest is not a substitute for a professional pest assessment and treatment at your dwelling on a regular basis. Pests are persistent and can have a serious affect on your health, should they be ignored or not fully-removed from the environment.

Wherever you are trying to get rid of cockroaches, you need to start to assess that area. Look closely for any sources of previously undetected moisture and attempt to cut off the source of that dampness. Creating excessively dry environments will be an excellent first step towards starving out a cockroach infestation. Calling a pest control company can ultimately put the problem to rest quickly, but a little preventative maintenance does also go a long way.