Food Safety: The Importance of Pest Control

There are few better places for pest infestation to thrive than a kitchen or food production facility. Pests can be carriers of harmful diseases. Their presence poses a serious health hazard to customers because they can contaminate with their urine, droppings, and hair. Without pest control management, your food production and storage areas may be at risk.


Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

Rats, mice, flies, ants, and cockroaches are the most common pests that can chew up a business’ money. As soon as they enter your food facility, the damage they cause can be massive.

  • Property damage – Holes bored through walls and food containers and chewed electrical wiring eat into your profits.
  • Spread of disease – Contamination of food and work surfaces puts human health at risk.
  • Loss of public confidence – The sight of flies in a dining area or kitchen or roaches skittering across the floor creates negative impressions about your food handling practices. Consumer trust decreases and you may get an unpleasant visit from the health inspector.
  • Business closure – If not properly handled, pest infestation may lead to temporary or permanent shut down of your business operations.

Create a strategy to address potential pest problems before they start.

Maintain Food Safety with Pest Control

Food Safety: The Importance of Pest Control

The proper handling of food from storage to production ensures it is free from contaminants. One important component of a strong food safety practice is pest management. Complying with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) recommended pest control and prevention allows restaurants and food producers to run their businesses legally and responsibly. There are additional benefits:

  • Boost brand reputation – Customers appreciate cleanliness. If a dining space or food prep area is clean, customer confidence in your business’ hygienic and sanitation practices rises.
  • Maintain consumer trust – Safe, delicious food signals you care about the welfare of your customers. Clientele loyalty is increased.

By investing in routine pest control maintenance will eventually return to you as more customers walk into your restaurant.

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