Common Places Where Ants Hide in Your Home

One of the most common pests found in households is ants. While there are several types of species, we might overlook possible dangers since most of them are relatively harmless. However, once we understand the possible dangers an ant infestation may bring, we can explore solutions to rid our homes of them.

Here are a few places around the house where we are most likely to find ants:

Common Places Where Ants Hide in Your Home

1. Kitchen. The kitchen is where we prepare and store most food so it’s no wonder ants are drawn to the area. When we neglect to clean up after ourselves and leave bits of crumbs on counters and floors, ants are more likely to swarm and gather food.

2. Bathroom. Ants are naturally drawn to moist areas to build nests nearby. Some species prefer to eat wood with a higher moisture content. This can damage the structure of a home.

3. Inside the walls. Cracked and damaged walls provides space for ants to nest and populate. While some species choose to build a colony outside, walls provide opportunities to seek more food sources while moving unseen within the house.

4. Living rooms. The living room or den can be a relaxing place to relax, watch TV, and grab a handful of snacks. If crumbs fall on the floors, carpets, and between the cushions, ants will find them.

Common Places Where Ants Hide in Your Home

Preventing an ant infestation is an important effort to protect the structure of any property. JDM Pest Control provides safe, effective, and eco-friendly pest control solutions. For a free estimate assessment contact us at (416) 729-3568 or here.