Practical Rat Prevention Tips


Practical Rat Prevention TipsFinding out you have rats in your home can be a disturbing shock. But before you grab your broom and wait to ambush the next rat you see, take note of the following practical rat prevention tips.

Your first priority is to prevent rats from getting into your home in the first place. Sure, you can find ways to eliminate the rats already inside your home, but more of the pests will only make your home their home unless you deny them entry.

Just remember what rats need to survive:

· A reliable water source

· Food, even though rats will eat practically anything available

With these two things in mind, remember to do the following:

· Practical Rat Prevention TipsStore foodstuffs in sealed containers made of glass and metal—they may chew through plastic containers

· Keep your home clutter free—this applies to the interior and exterior of your house. Less clutter means having fewer areas for rats to hide.

· Outdoor rubbish should be kept in tightly contained metal bins. Again, metal is better than plastic, which rats can chew through to feed on the trash.

· Dispose of excess pet food and bird seed right away. Keep pet food in study containers with tight lids.

· Keep your gardens free of rubbish. Avoid throwing organic food waste in compost piles, as this will only serve as a waiting feast for rats.

Rat-proofing the House

Rats are notoriously adept climbers, finding their way into your attic through cracks and other openings. They can also burrow their way into your home, and can swim through sewers and drainage pipes.


Place strips at the bottom of doors to prevent entry, and fit weather stripping on exterior doors to deter rats from invading the home. When a young rat sees a potential entryway, it will gnaw on it to make it larger and enter.


Inspect your roof for damage and seal gaps with wire mesh. Trim vegetation near your house to prevent rats from scaling branches to enter your home through eaves and damaged roof tiles.

For existing rat infestations, let the professionals handle the job. Call JDM Pest Control!