Problems That Lead to Infestation



Pest infestation may be caused by certain conditions around your house that are overlooked. Whether it’s overgrown tree branches, cracked frames around doors and windows, or bringing firewood inside during winter, these seemingly harmless situations can lead to more complicated (and costly) problems.

Some conditions that can lead to pest infestation are:


Problems That Lead to Infestation


1. Overgrown branches. Trees and shrubs that aren’t regularly trimmed or pruned can result in overgrown branches that touch the surface of your upper deck or roof, creating “bridges” that give insects and critters easy access to your home. Regularly trim branches or hire a tree care company to prevent this problem.

2. Cracked frames around doors and windows. Cracks allow insects a wide entrance to your home, particularly through window sills and old door frames. Use caulk to seal cracks or call in a handyman to replace old windows or doors.


3. Storing firewood inside the house. Certain insects (such as termites and carpenter ants) burrow into firewood to protect themselves from outside cold can establish a colony once inside a home. To prevent them from finding their way inside, closely inspect the surface of firewood. Keep firewood piled above the ground and away from your house,. Shake or knock pieces of wood together to remove any pests on the surface. Avoid spraying your firewood with insecticides. Treated wood can emit harmful vapours when burned, so discard any infected pieces rather than bringing them into your home.

4. Accumulating debris in gutters. Fallen leaves and standing water in outdoor gutters serve as a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Regularly clean gutters and empty pots and other containers that might collect water around your garden or yard.

5. Leaving food particles around the house. Store food in tightly sealed containers and properly dispose of any unfinished food immediately after meals. Wash plates and utensils after use to remove any enticing aromas.


Problems That Lead to Infestation


Conditions inside and around the house can lead to an insect (or rodent) infestation. Most of these problems are preventable if proper steps are taken. To keep insects and vermin at bay, call for professional pest control.

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