Raccoons in Your Wintertime Home? You’re Not Alone

Raccoon Residency

When raccoons take up residence in your attic, basement, or garage, you have a challenging problem. Confronting them is unsafe. Older raccoons have sharp teeth, and they snarl ferociously. If threatened, a raccoon can and will attack people. They also have a risk of being infected with certain viruses or diseases. They are formidable, and should be taken seriously.

Raccoon Resiliency

Raccoons in Your Wintertime Home? You’re Not Alone

Raccoons survive the cold Canadian winter by spending the warmer months building up large layers of fat that protect them from cold and heat loss. In the fall, they add further protection with extra thick fur. They also find and occupy cozy, warm burrows, sometimes in the walls or attics of your house.

Raccoons do not fully hibernate. They go into a state of torpor where they lower their body temperature and sugar consumption. This allows them to conserve energy. When they are done with their rest period and the temperature increases, they come out with a powerful desire and a bold aggressiveness in seeking food for themselves and their young.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons in Your Wintertime Home? You’re Not Alone

Should you try to get rid of raccoons by yourself? NO. Use pest control services. Raccoons are dangerous animals. If you have a raccoon problem, get a competent, qualified and well equipped animal removal company to remove them humanely.

JDM Pest Removal specializes in this raccoon removal service serving Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora and Newmarket, Ontario. We have the staff, equipment and experience to rid you and your family of raccoon pests in wintertime. Raccoons are well adapted to survive in the cold months, and create multiple problems for homeowners.