Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

Almost everyone would agree that rats are a nuisance. They seem to show up unexpectedly, possibly creating filth and spreading disease. The mere thought of a rat being inside your home or your place of business is enough to turn the stomach of the most hardened individual. In reality, there are three basic reasons rats are so difficult to get rid of.

1) They are incredibly resilient.


Typical methods that most people use to kill rodents don’t always work on rats. In fact, rats can learn how to retrieve bait from a trap without allowing it to make contact with them. In some cases, they learn to avoid the trap altogether. Even rat poison doesn’t always work. The rats will eventually learn to avoid it, and it poses a tremendous danger to other animals, such as your beloved pets.

2) They can eat anything.

Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

Another reason why rats seem to be in so many places is because there is virtually nothing they cannot eat. They are able to survive on practically anything, including pet food, trash, and scraps of food on the ground. Rats have a way of sustaining themselves in the worst possible environment; it seems like the more harsh the environment is, the more they thrive.

3) They breed quickly.

Three Reasons Rats Are Destructive Pests

A couple of rats can end up breeding dozens of offspring in weeks. If nothing is done to control the population, hundreds will provide an infestation on your property. The problem is, a lot of people try to eradicate rats themselves and don’t have the knowledge to do it effectively.

If you notice a rat problem, contact a professional pest control service like us. JDM Pest Control can be reached at (416) 729-3568. We know how to deal with the problem and analyze each situation to determine the best course of action. No one likes dealing with rats, but if you find them inside a home or business, let someone knowledgeable handle the problem in the shortest amount of time.