Send Centipedes Packing from Your Home

Centipedes typically reside outside homes and offices. However, from time to time they appear indoors. These arthropods typically find shelter in damp areas such as under stones and leaves, in the bark of trees, or inside wooden boards of a structure. If these critters have found their way into your walls, they may eventually end up inside your property.

These small creatures are sometimes known as “house centipedes.” Instead of staying outdoors, they find space in closets, bathrooms, and basements. Any damp space will suffice.

Keeping Centipedes Outside

How to Stop a Centipede Invasion

All centipedes can be a nuisance, especially larger ones that can bite humans and/or pets. To protect the residents of any building, take steps to prevent these small creatures from entering your home or place of business.

Caulk is an effective product to seal gaps around windows, siding, doors, and other structural openings where centipedes can possibly enter. Spray foam can also seal various vulnerable areas throughout a building.

Spring cleaning is another great way to prevent centipede infestation. Sweep up nearby outdoor leaves and move compost and trash further away. Look in corners of your property where you may have left garbage or wet rags/towels. All these areas can harbour unwanted guests.


Sticky traps might be a nice weapon against centipedes. Place them in the corners and crevices and they’ll hopefully catch those critters.

Eco-Friendly, Safe Options

Boric acid and diatomaceous earth are other natural pesticides that can rid centipedes from any area. These natural pesticides are an excellent choice that do not poison humans, pets, or the environment.

If you can’t be bothered with a long-term effort and investment of time, call JDM Pest Control to provide effective, eco-friendly pest and centipede removal in the GTA. Please call us anytime at (416) 729-3568.