Silverfish Top Five Favorite Things to Eat

Silverfish are a common problem in many households. These tiny silver insects are commonly found in libraries, attics, and storage areas in people’s homes. Silverfish look like tiny fish, which is where they get their name. They are notorious for eating and destroying items in people’s homes. Knowing what attracts silverfish and what they like to eat is important if you are trying to get rid of a silverfish infestation or you want to eliminate or protect the type of items they like to eat.Important Facts And 5 Tricks to Save Your Books and Home From Silverfish


One of the biggest things that silverfish like to eat is paper. They are attracted to and will eat all kinds of paper. This is why silverfish are often found in the libraries and studies of people’s homes. Silverfish are in need of starch in their diet, which is why they like to eat paper. Silverfish particular like older paper, as it is starchier and easier for the silverfish to digest.


Silverfish love to eat glue, particularly the kinds of glues that are used in binding books and in photo albums. Once again it is the polysaccharides in glue that attract silverfish, particularly a type of polysaccharide called dextrin.

Clothing and Cloth

Linen, silk, and cotton are particular favorites of silverfish. They enjoy eating the polysaccride in these types of materials, making costume shops, attics, and closets popular places to find silverfish. While these types of material are their favorite, silverfish have also been known to eat leather and synthetic materials if cotton, linen, and silk are not available. They have also been known to cause damage to wall tapestries.

Human Food

Like many insects, silverfish also like to eat human food. Because of this, kitchens are another popular infestation site. In particular, silverfish like to eat sugar and coffee. Other human foods that silverfish enjoy eating include dried pasta and dried meat, flour, and rolled oats.



Toothpaste is another non-food item that silverfish love to eat. It is full of polysaccharides including starches and dextrin. Silverfish have been known to eat toothpaste out of the tube or off the rim of your sink. Silverfish’s love of toothpaste is one reason to keep your bathroom clean.

Silverfish love to eat a variety of both human food and non food items. Knowing what they will and won’t eat is not only an important part of getting rid of a silverfish infestation, but it can also help you protect the things that they eat from becoming damaged.