How to Stop a Centipede Invasion

Centipedes can get in your home without your being aware because of their nocturnal nature. (They’re mostly active at night.) Centipedes can be beneficial because they eat other insects, but their bite can be as painful as a bee sting. They can also get into food and other areas, and become a nuisance.

What is a Centipede?

How to Stop a Centipede Invasion

Many people refer to a centipede as the “100 legged worm.” The truth is they can have between 15 and 177 legs, depending on how many body segments in an individual centipede. They grow new body segments on a regular basis. Most are brown or red in colour. They have a flat, elongated body with highly sensitive antennae they use to detect prey. They can live up to six years.

Keeping Centipedes at Bay

How to Stop a Centipede Invasion

There are a number of approaches homeowners can take to prevent a centipede invasion:

  • Do not leave standing water in or around your home.
  • Have leaky pipes repaired.
  • Seal gaps in your foundation and crawl spaces.
  • Ensure that windows and doors fit properly.
  • Clean gutters and areas around the house of debris/leaves/etc.
  • Never store food items directly on the floor.
  • Check your clothing after visiting a park or in a woody area; centipedes will travel on clothes.

When to Consult a Professional?

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If you think you have a centipede problem, it’s time to call an expert. A professional pest control company in Toronto can confirm that you have an infestation and take measures to kill the centipedes. There are both chemical and nonchemical methods for removing the bugs and keeping them from returning. Ask for advice on things you can do to keep from having the problem in the future.

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