miceMice are small rodents that sometimes enter houses, and they can be quite difficult to get rid of. They are able to enter a house through exceptionally small openings, which is why they are so challenging to eradicate. The way that they do this is by using their “collapsible” skeletons. It is said, “If they can get their nose in, they’re in.” There are also serious health and property concerns related to a mouse infestation.

How They Affect Human Health

The worst part about mice is that they are more than an annoyance. They actually pose a danger to human health! There are a variety of diseases that can be spread by mice. One of the worst diseases is hantavirus. Hantavirus is spread through contact with mouse droppings, which are often found throughout infested homes. This disease begins with general symptoms of malaise. However, it progresses to cause life threatening respiratory symptoms.

Mice can also transport ticks into a home. These ticks can potentially spread a variety of diseases, such as Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease is not typically fatal, but it can be difficult to fully cure or treat. One gets the disease from being bitten by a deer tick.

There are also other diseases that mice can spread, such as salmonella, meningitis, and leptospirosis. These diseases all have the potential to cause dangerous illness.

The Harsh Reality Of Mouse Damage

One of the cold, hard mouse facts is that mice can be extremely destructive. The reason for this is their inherent need to gnaw. Without gnawing on something, their teeth constantly grow. They need to grind their teeth against a surface to stop this growth. Unfortunately, the things in your house work just fine for them to gnaw on.

Mice can chew into wood in a house. This can create holes that can be used as yet another entry point for other mice! If they enter the living areas of your house, they can even cause damage to furniture! Nests can even be made in furniture. Mice can also find their way into food containers in your house.

Mice are a potential fire hazard. This is because mice sometimes will begin chewing on electrical lines. This does not go well for either the mouse or the people. In some cases, the power will cause the mouse’s fur to catch fire! Of course, this fire could spread and cause severe damage to your home! Even if that does not happen, the dead mouse will cause a stench.

When One Gets In, Others Will Follow

This is among the worst of mouse facts. When a mouse gets in, others surely will too. Mice group together. So, when a mouse discovers a new place where there is food, the rest of the mouse colony will be on their way. The best ways to prevent infestation is to make sure that your house is clean and seal up any openings that could be easy entry points for a mouse.

What To Do If You Cannot Get Rid Of Mice 

Mice can be a very serious problem. They can even be a hazard. However, if you are having a problem with mice, there is hope. Pest control services will often eradicate the problem with ease. If you live around Bradford, Ontario, you can call JDM Pest Control at 416-729-3568.