The Silverfish Scourge

You may be suffering from a silverfish infestation and not even realize it. If allowed to thrive, silverfish can make a home a very uncomfortable place to live, doing damage by burrowing into the structure and potentially causing a health risk. As pests they are not the sort of animal to move out on their own, at least not until they’ve eaten you out of house and home. To deal with a silverfish infestation you have to get proactive. However, they are unique little pests and the tricks you use for mice control or ant control won’t always work on them.

What Is a Silverfish?

Silverfish are a species of wingless insect named for their silvery-white colouration and long, slightly fish-like appearance. They have pronounced antennae and a tail with three thin prongs. They are particularly active in certain regions of Canada and are a bane to homeowners.

Important Facts And 5 Tricks to Save Your Books and Home From Silverfish

What Do They Eat?

Silverfish like to feed on fungi, mold, and carbohydrates like sugar, starch, and cellulose. This means they eat a wide variety of materials, including typical “human” food. They will munch on plants, books, wallpaper, clothes, and even soap or shampoo if so inclined. To them a human home is a veritable buffet table.

Where Do They Live?

Silverfish enjoy moist environments. In your home they are drawn to bathrooms, attics, laundry rooms, kitchens and any dark, wet environment. They tend to hide in cracks and burrow holes. This makes them hard to spot initially as they usually only come out at night. By the time you notice silverfish in your home, chances are they already have a nest established in some hard to reach crevice.

The Silverfish Scourge: How to Rid Yourself of Infestation

How Do I Get Rid of Them?

There are a number or effective home remedies that will, if given time, reduce your silverfish infestation. This process involves locating their nests and driving them away through scent. Silverfish are very sensitive to strong smells and can be driven away with spices, cedar shavings, cucumbers, and mothballs.

Before trying to tackle the job yourself, consider contacting JDM Pest Control. When it comes to silverfish, we can guide you through the purchase and use of home remedies. Alternatively, if you want the bugs gone today we can set up safe, non-toxic traps that are sure to get rid your infestation as effectively and humanely as possible. Call 416-729-3568 and get a free assessment; we’ll meet your pest control needs.