Tips on Eliminating Cockroaches

Tips on Eliminating CockroachesThere’s nothing pleasant about roaches. They’re not cute. They’re not your friends. And they’re incredibly filthy, carrying a host of diseases and bacteria with them. They love your food, your books, and your clothes. And they leave foul smelling droppings all over.

Unfortunately, they’re practically everywhere and are notoriously hard to kill. They can crawl through gaps the thickness of a coin, and can survive for a month without feeding.
So just how the heck do you eliminate them once and for all?

Withhold Food

Roaches are attracted to accessible food and water. Here’s how to starve these pests.

· Remove standing water around toilets, bathtubs, sinks, and floors. Roaches can survive for a month without food, but they’ll die in a week without water.

Tips on Eliminating Cockroaches· Make sure your kitchen is spotless, removing crumbs and other food debris around your stove, oven, refrigerator, and other food prep areas.

· Remove crumbs of food under couches, around corners, and under cabinets—use a vacuum cleaner for a thorough removal.

· Clean cupboard and drawer interiors using soap and water

· Don’t leave dirty dishes overnight in the sink.


When a clean house still attracts roaches, proceed to use traps to kill them.

Sticky Traps

These are cheap and can snag roaches especially when placed in dark areas frequented by the pests. Place these traps under refrigerators, sinks, near stoves, and cupboards. Dispose when you’ve trapped enough roaches.

Toxic Bait

Bait stations have toxic active chemicals that kill roaches by ingestion and touch. In addition, roaches will often share the bait with other roaches, killing them in the process.

Call a Professional Pest Control Company

When all else fails, look to the professionals to handle the job for you. At JDM Pest Control, we guarantee to remove roaches and other pests, or get your money back!