15 Things That Pests Love About Your House

Mice, rats and other pests can cause extensive property damage. You’ll know they’ve infiltrated your home when you find a trail of droppings, chewed-up food, and even chewed-up wires.

In addition to the damage to your house, rodents can carry a wide range of diseases. Seeing pests, like a mouse or rat, in your house can also cause much distress.

To make sure that your home doesn’t become an inviting haven, you need to know what attracts them and avoid such scenarios.

#1 Lights

Turn the lights off to keep pests at bay

If you are someone who wants to leave every light on so your home can be seen from the driveway, then you will likely attract more pests. Insects such as gnats, moths, and others will find their way into your home. Using calmer yellow lights will help lessen some of their movement and existence.

#2 Wet Basement

Leaky basements are not just an inconvenience. Often, pooling water attracts all kinds of pests, including snakes, rodents, insects, and other unwanted creatures. It increases humidity that can result in dangerous structural damage by termites and fungus. Make sure to check the downspouts and grading around your house to ensure that rainwater drains away from the foundation. You should also address other potential sources of leaks.

#3 Moisture

Excessive moisture will cause a rat problem at home and attract insects such as ants and cockroaches. Likewise, slugs can also invade if enough damp is present. Fixing leaking pipes and not allowing water to pool below floors or in basements is important.

#4 Warmth

If the weather turns cold, most pests will look for a comfortable home and your place is the perfect spot! One misconception people have is that they think mice live outside the garden and come in over winter, which is not entirely the case. House mice are so called because they like living in houses.

During the summer seasons, they can live in your garage and shed but over winter, they will look for hot boiler pipes in your house to live in. Both squirrels and rats can also do the same along with certain insects.

#5 Food

Most spills happen, but even if a little of the mess is left behind, the insects and mice can’t resist. Food crumbs and spilled beverages in your kitchen can be attractive for rodents and insects such as rats, mice, ants, and cockroaches. House cleanings—such as vacuuming and cleaning behind the oven and fridge—are advised!

#6 Trash Bins

Seal your bins

Often, the smell of food waste may be unpleasant to your nose, but for insects such as cockroaches and flies, it is attractive. You already know the secret to addressing this problem — store your food properly. If not stored properly, then this will also attract rats and mice which will try everything to chew on your food. Make sure that if you take out the bin, it is tightly sealed.

#7 Clutter

You also have another reason for getting rid of your extra stuff — all that clutter can make a good home for insects you don’t want hanging around your house. If clutter is kept to a minimum and your house is kept relatively clean, there will be a few places for pests or insects to hide.

#8 Pet Food

Don’t let pests steal your pet food!

If you have pets and are leaving food out overnight or during the day when you are not around, then you may be feeding your other guests. Both rats and mice will happily feed on nearly all pet food and squeeze through cages to steal their meals. Just because you have a pet does not mean these pests will go away!

#9 Bird Seeds

You always want to make your garden more welcoming for natural wildlife by giving away a free meal; however, seeds that fall on the floor will also attract mice so having an overflow catchment tray is advised. You can store these seeds in a sealed container and not leave it open in loft spaces or basements.

#10 Dirty Dishes

Leaving your dirty dishes until the morning attracts all manner of pests. Organizing and cleaning dirty items after each meal will prevent them from entering your kitchen.

#11 Paper

Untouched and dirty piles of paper can be a huge attraction for cockroaches and other pests. To avoid having an infestation damage important papers, you should place them tightly in sealed bins. Moreover, shredded paper will attract rodents that will use these materials to build their nests.

#12 Gaps

Seal holes and cracks

Most rodents will always look for tiny doors that allow them to sneak into your house, so cracks, gaps, and damaged air bricks around the service pipelines for gas and water and under the external doors will become the perfect breeding ground for unwelcome guests. Make sure you conduct a thorough inspection around the outside of your house to look for entry points.

It is also best to look at your neighbour’s property if pests can move between either the loft space and the footings of the building.

#13 Shelter

You love your house because it provides warmth and safety from the elements. Both are the exact reasons that rodents and other pests are attracted to your house. Naturally, rodents are skittish creatures so whenever there are strange sounds outside — such as construction or traffic — they tend to seek refuge inside homes.

Inclement weather will also force them to enter your house. Other factors include food scarcity, an increase in predators, heavy snow or rain, and low temperatures.

#14 Composting

It is an innovative means of recycling food waste into quality garden soil, but it also attracts unwanted rodents and insects. You can avoid problems by using an enclosed composting system and place outdoor compost piles at least 50 feet from the house. Balance food scraps with garden waste like grass clippings and fallen leaves so it doesn’t smell. Do not attempt to compost fatty foods, dairy, and meat.

#15 Countertop Produce

Store fresh produce properly

Other produce stays fresh when not refrigerated, but storing ripening fruit on the countertop can attract fruit flies. Do not let fruits sit too long before eating to reduce the risks of flies, and throw away scraps after each meal. If you cannot eat your fresh produce before it gets overripe, freezing it for use in baked goods and smoothies can be a good solution!

Even if you cannot control these factors, you can prevent them by making sure there are no exposed doors to your houses like pipes or cracks. Everything from firewood piles to the inside of your walls on the front porch can attract rodents and insects. It is best to call a company that specializes in addressing rodent and pest problems in the house.

If you wish to get rid of pests on your property successfully, call JDM Pest Control at 416-729-3568. We will provide you with a free assessment.