Why Pest Control Is Necessary During the Pandemic

A pandemic is an outbreak of infectious diseases on a global scale. Recent events have shown its impact on various aspects of modern life including public health, social interaction, politics, and economic stability.
However, despite these changes — businesses closing and people staying mostly inside their homes — for pests like cockroaches, mice, and squirrels, it’s business as usual. In the urban setting, pests continue to thrive. The environments are conducive for breeding and spreading havoc.
In addition to the destruction they can bring to properties, they can also contaminate food supplies and cause health issues.
Even in this current crisis, pest control is of great importance during the pandemic for homeowners and proprietors alike.

Impact of Pests on Homes and Gardens

Rat sightings have become increasingly common

The COVID-19 lockdown has caused rats to come out of hiding. As people are urged to stay inside their homes, most establishments — restaurants, shopping centers, offices — have ceased operations. This means rodents have fewer opportunities for scavenging and dumpster diving in their favourite haunts. Rodents are taking more risks to go out into the open to look for food and are finding their way into the next best source — households.

While rats are not known carriers of COVID-19, their increasing presence in households is a cause for concern. They can be a danger to your property and health, carrying various diseases including leptospirosis, hantavirus, and salmonella. On top of that, they can be incredibly destructive to properties, boring holes in walls and ceilings and chewing on wires, which can lead to fires.

However, rats are not the only pests to be wary. Mainstays of most homes are flies and mosquitoes that are also carriers of diseases.

Additionally, because of the stay at home orders, an increasing number of people have turned their attention to their home gardens. Homeowners have started to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs on top of the more decorative variety. Unfortunately, this also means dealing with other insects that feed on plants and trigger allergic reactions.

Safeguarding your home, your garden, and you and your family’s health is as simple as contacting the nearest pest control company.

Impact of Pests on Businesses

Dirty offices are magnets for pests

There are several business establishments that have closed down to support government efforts in flattening the curve on the novel coronavirus. There are still businesses in operation, making sure people still meet their needs. Regardless of the status of business establishments, the fact remains that these can serve as a breeding ground and shelter for pests.

Because more people are staying at home, offices, malls, and restaurants are empty. This encourages pests of all sizes to come out of the woodwork and take up residence in these establishments. This gives them free rein over these areas, making it more conducive for them to breed. Once they gain access to buildings, they can stay there and multiply rapidly. The greatest risk for unmanned structures is property damage.

Businesses that remain in operation, however, are not safe from pest infestation. Even if buildings are in full use, the little critters can still thrive and multiply, albeit at a much lower rate. Unfortunately, their presence exposes workers and customers to the harmful pathogens.

Pest control can protect buildings from damage while keeping employees safe and healthy from diseases caused by pests.

Pests Can Cause More Health Problems

Staying healthy is an important defense against COVID-19
Pests at home and business establishments carry different health risks. Below some common pests in Canada and the diseases they can cause:

  • Cockroaches – salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and listeriosis
  • Fleas – allergic reactions from bites, typhus, and parasites (e.g. tapeworms)
  • Fliesfood contamination resulting in conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, salmonellosis, and tuberculosis
  • Rodents – hantavirus, rat-bite fever, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis
  • Ticks – Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease
  • Wasps – stings can cause itching, swelling, allergies, pain, and even death

While these health risks were present before the onset of the pandemic, the stay at home orders can exacerbate problems. This is especially concerning because health issues can render your immune system ineffective and make you more susceptible to the new coronavirus.

Fortunately, these health threats can be addressed by taking proactive and preventive measures, the most effective being contacting pest control professionals.

More Insect Activity During the Warm Seasons

Many insects are active in the summer

Even if the coronavirus started during the cold weather months, it’s effects have continued into the warmer months. Pandemics do not cease to exist because of weather changes, which is also true for pests. Some pests are active at different times of the year, others cause problems the whole year round, while a large number thrive during the warmer months.

Homes and business establishments can expect to find more mice, raccoons, squirrels, ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects when the weather starts to get warmer. Insects are especially active during the summer months, which is when many of them begin to look for a mate.

While front liners are doing their best to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, pest control can flatten the curve of pests multiplying. The proper preventive methods can keep pests from breeding and gaining a foothold in your property.

How to Handle Pest Infestations

Keep your family and/or property safe

Proprietors and homeowners should be more vigilant in trying to keep pests from their buildings or homes. After all, prevention is more cost-effective and less troublesome than damage control.

Make sure to eliminate the presence of trash in the entire property. Deep cleaning, disinfection, and sanitizing every suspect nook and cranny in your entire property should be a priority.

Another effective method for dealing with infestations is enlisting the help of pest control technicians. Pest control professionals remove pest colonies and pest-proof your home or commercial building without using harsh chemicals or further risking the health and safety of family, pets, and employees.

Before any of these destructive pests ruin your quarantine, better let the professionals take care of them.

If you’re in need of quality and affordable pest control services, contact JDM Pest Control. We remain open even during the lockdown and continue to serve the community. We have provided our services for over 20 years in the Greater Toronto Area and neighbouring communities.

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